NOTICE – Kaiping International Sanitary Ware Innovation Base

Kaiping International Sanitary Ware Innovation Base
Kaiping International Sanitary Ware Innovation Base


In 2023, Jiangmen Shuikou Town will fully cultivate the advantages of the plumbing and sanitary ware industry.

On January 30, Shuikou Town held a high-quality development promotion meeting to make detailed arrangements for key tasks in 2023. The whole town, with the spirit of not waiting for time, recited the three-character formula of “early, fast, and real”, tightened the strings, drew the bow fully, and made a strong effort to seize the opportunity and start a good start for the economic and social development of the year.

Shuikou Town will continue to accelerate the construction of Kaiping International Sanitary Ware Innovation Base, and plan to promote the construction of infrastructure, general workshops and park supporting facilities in the eastern area of the base. It is planned to promote the land acquisition of about 53.33 hectares (more than 800 mu) near the Jinshan Village Committee to provide guarantee for the settlement and construction of large projects. Promote the acquisition of about 46.67 hectares (more than 700 mu) of land in the Pannan area, integrate the industrial resources of the area, and enhance the industrial development platform. Actively resolve the problems left over from the history of land expropriation, continue to revitalize the development of the land around the Shagang Industrial Park, and boost the economic development of towns and villages. Implement the “industrial transformation” project to promote the upgrading and transformation of old industrial concentration areas and village-level industrial parks in the jurisdiction.

The Kaiping International Sanitary Ware Innovation Base project has a total investment of 330 million yuan and covers an area of 640,000 square meters. The construction period is only 18 months, and the time is tight and the task is heavy. Deng Yanxian, the project leader of Jianbang Company, the construction unit, introduced: The construction content of the construction site includes municipal supporting projects such as site leveling and road construction. The Kaiping International Sanitary Ware Innovation Base project will be carried out in two phases, with a total investment of about 2.4 billion yuan. The first phase of the project will start in May 2022. At present, about 33.33 hectares (500 mu) of land leveling and infrastructure construction have been completed, with a cumulative investment of about 100 million yuan. In 2023, the project plans to complete the first phase of 64 hectares (960 mu) of land leveling and supporting infrastructure construction, with an investment of about 300 million yuan. At present, the base has settled in 4 investment projects, with a planned total investment of 1.18 billion yuan, namely Tipai Sanitary Ware, Yi Ni Furnishing, Top Management, and Yagu Sanitary Ware. After the project is put into operation, the annual output value is expected to reach 2.3 billion yuan.

This year, Shuikou Town will insist on “going out and bringing in”, actively connect with the high-end smart sanitary ware industry in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and other places in the province, and focus on introducing brand-name, innovation-oriented and powerful enterprises to settle in Shuikou. At the same time, it plans to use the relationship between Shuikou enterprises and international market cooperation to attract business, so that the mid-to-high-end sanitary ware industry can develop better and faster.



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