How to choose a good bathroom shower faucet for your bathroom?

Firstly we need to know, what are the options for the bathroom shower faucet?


1. From the material, it is divided into copper material, stainless steel material, zinc alloy material.

2. In terms of function, it is divided into single-function , 2-function, three-function, multi-function bathroom shower faucet;

3. In terms of style, it is divided into: concealed and exposed bathroom shower faucet;

4. In terms of color, it is divided in to: brushed color, chrome color, black color, gold color, grey color, and other colors bathroom shower faucet.

5. Technically divided into: general and thermostatic bathroom shower faucet.

Which bathroom shower faucet should we choose? Before making a choice, let’s take a look at the differences between them.


Among the different materials, which one is good?


There are three main materials for making bathroom shower faucet: copper, stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Before choosing, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

1. Copper material: is a sturdy material, so copper faucets will last for years. It is resistant to soft water corrosion and hard water calcification, with the best performance and many styles, but the disadvantage is that it is expensive.

2. Stainless Steel 304 material: Similar to copper, but more durable than copper, less prone to corrosion, good performance, and affordable. But the disadvantage is the limitation of craftsmanship. There are not many manufacturers producing stainless steel 304 showers, and there are not many styles to choose from now. However, research shows that stainless steel bathroom products are becoming more and more popular due to their high cost performance. Now many factories have begun to produce stainless steel shower faucet, and there are more and more styles to choose from, which has greatly seized the market of copper showers.

If you have shops that sells shower faucets and you don’t have any stainless steel shower faucets yet, you must choose products as soon as possible, otherwise your competitors are likely to seize the market in advance.

3. Zinc alloy material: Zinc alloy material is not expensive, but the disadvantage is that the quality is not durable and the style is not high-end.

Here, the editor recommends considering stainless steel 304 and copper materials bathroom shower faucet.


How many water functions does a bathroom shower faucet have?


1. Single-function: There is only one function, usually the main body is matched with a handheld, or with a top shower head. Simple, but with few function choices, the experience is not perfect.

2. Two-function: generally the shower faucet with hand-held and shower head. It can meet basic needs, and there are many people to choose from.

3. Three-function: consists of top shower head, hand-held and water spout. With one more function, it is more convenient to take water normally. The price is a little more expensive, which greatly improves the convenience and is the most recommended.

4. Multifunctions: In addition to shower head and hand-held functions, there are other water output functions, such as large showers, some with waterfall water, side body jet water spray, some with racks, spray faucet, etc., you can also add Music and lighting, the functions are perfect! Apart from being expensive, there are no other drawbacks!

shower faucet functions

The editor believes that if it is economical, it is most suitable to choose at least 2 functions; if the budget is available, you can choose the one you like. Because many functions are available.


The style of bathroom shower faucet


In terms of style, bathroom shower faucet is mainly divided into 

1. Exposed bathroom shower faucet

2. Concealed bathroom shower faucet

Just check the below picture then you should be able to feel the difference. From the picture it looks like the difference is that the exposed one has a very long tube and all the materials are in one piece. Concealed one are separate products.

the difference between exposed shower and concealed shower

From the appearance point of view, the exposed shower takes up more space and the concealed shower is more space-saving, simple and high-end.

But the biggest difference is: the exposed shower is generally installed after the bathroom is renovated; but the concealed shower must be pre-buried the main body of the faucet-box in the wall before the bathroom is renovated, and then repaint the walls or cover the tiles.

Here is a video of the installation process of the concealed bathroom shower faucet for your reference.


In terms of style, how to choose?

The following is a comparison chart of the advantages and disadvantages of them for reference:



Installation Method


Installation requirements

Exposed bathroom shower faucet


After bathroom renovation

Occupy bathroom space

Simple installation steps

Concealed bathroom shower faucet


Before bathroom renovation

Save bathroom space

Complex installation steps

Now on the market, more and more high-end hotels or residences choose concealed one. They have professional designers make design drawings in advance, and professional construction teams carry out construction. If you want to choose a concealed bathroom shower faucet for your own house, be sure to check with the merchant whether they have installation services.


How to choose a color for bathroom shower faucet?


No matter what material the shower faucet is, there are many color options.

Brushed colors, chrome, black, gold, gray, and other colors.

The most common selections are brushed colors and chrome, black and gold and gray become more popular in recent years.

It’s up to you what color you choose! These colors will last 5-10 years as long as the factory is of good quality. Usually, if you pay attention to maintenance, you can use it for a longer time.

Please click here to view how to maintain the faucet, we have shared before.


New technology for shower faucet: thermostat


Here is the trend of technology now: 

shower faucet can only produce cold water →  shower faucet can produce both hot and cold water Thermostatic shower faucet

thermostatic shower

What is a thermostatic shower faucet? It can blend hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe shower and bath outlet temperatures, preventing scalding. Firstly, it can prevent the temperature from changing with the change of water pressure; secondly, it is to prevent children from misoperation during the shower and scald.

In addition to the temperature lock key, the thermostatic shower faucet also has intelligent high temperature protection. Once the temperature of the shower exceeds 49°C, in order to avoid the sudden rise of the water temperature and scald the skin, the shower can automatically stop the water, and there is absolutely no danger of scalding.


To do this, we set the water temperature to the highest and measured it three times. It can be seen that the water temperatures are 46.3°C, 46.1°C and 46°C respectively, none of which exceed 49°C.

temperature of the water 1



In addition to the temperature, we also have thermometers to measure the handle of the hand shower, the faucet around the thermostatic shower, the water pipe, etc., and you can see that the temperature will not overheat.

temperature of the shower 1

Generally, shower faucet with hot and cold water have a lower price; while the thermostatic shower faucet is more expensive, more than twice that of a general shower faucet, and the maintenance cost is also relatively high.

Which bathroom shower faucet to choose depends on your budget!


If you still have confusion, welcome to send us an email for advice.

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