5 Benefits of Pull-out Kitchen Taps

Pull-out Kitchen Taps

5 Benefits of Pull Out Kitchen Taps

Do you know the pull-out kitchen taps ? Compared with ordinary kitchen faucet taps, which one is better?

If you use water taps in the kitchen for a long time, the pull-out kitchen taps will be much more convenient than the ordinary faucets!

Because when washing large pots and utensils, the position faucet is not convenient to rinse. Therefore, kitchen sinks are rarely equipped with low-level mixer taps.

As a result, many kitchen sink taps have a high water outlet. Clothes will easily splash when washing large pots and pans. And the distance between the corner of the sink and the sink mixer tap is relatively far. It is difficult to rinse directly with the kitchen faucet. It needs to be wiped slowly with a rag and rinsed with a sink. Not only is water wasted, but the water will flow out and wet shoes and floors.

Pull-out Kitchen Taps
Pull-out Kitchen Taps

In order to meet the needs of the market, the pull-out kitchen taps came into being.

So what are the benefits of pull-out kitchen taps?

The benefits of pull-out kitchen taps are as follows:

1. Convenient and labor-saving water intake.

The water outlet of the best kitchen faucets is stationary. If a larger kettle is used to receive water, it may not fit. 

However, the pull-out kitchen taps is more facilitate to use than the ordinary faucet.

And you can directly move the water tap to receive water without moving the kettle.

Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer

2. Pull out kitchen taps is more humanized.

The design of the pull-out faucet is very user-friendly.

Usually, a 1.5 m stainless steel hose can be pulled out,

And the rotation angle can reach 360° , which can be used freely.

Black Kitchen Faucet

3. 360° without dead angle to wash dirt, easy to clean.

If there are stains attached to the wall of the sink, ordinary stains can only be washed to one or two,

but the other triangle area can’t be washed. However, the pull-out faucet can be washed to all four corners,

which is very simple and convenient.

Kitchen Sink Taps

4. Brand-new upgrade, multiple water outlet modes.

[Soft columnar water]: The water comes out through the bubbler, with rich bubbles and soft water flow, which is convenient to receive water without splashing.

[Wide-angle shower water]: strong water outlet mode, suitable for washing vegetables and fruits, tableware, kitchen utensils and basins in a wide range.

[Soft spray water]: The water is soft, gently moisten the surface of vegetables and fruits, and keep them fresh at all times.

[Double blade-shaped water]: impact pressurized slice.

Pull Out Kitchen Taps

5. Health and environmental protection.

The pull-out kitchen taps is made of refined copper, preferably H59 brass,

which can effectively inhibit bacteria. And it is more safe to clean lead and water.


By the way, the disadvantages of the pull out kitchen taps: 

1. Price problem of kitchen faucets.

Compared with the fixed faucet, the drawing faucet needs more accessories and has a higher manufacturing process.

Therefore, the overall price is higher than that of ordinary sink taps.

2. Installation conditions of kitchen sink taps.

In addition to whether the opening position of the faucet and the table top is suitable or not.

Some space should be reserved under the sink when installing the pull out kitchen taps.

Otherwise, the pull rope under the sink is easily blocked by sundries, resulting in the problem that it cannot rebound.

If your sink has been filled with water purifier, garbage disposal, etc.

Be sure to take photos to customer service to confirm whether it can be installed.

Kitchen Mixer Taps

In addition, if there are windows that open inside and cabinets that open outside around the sink.

Be sure to confirm the physical parameters such as the height and width of the faucet tap

and reserve sufficient space for use.

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