Have you maintained the bathroom tap and shower that you use every day?

Have you maintained the bathroom tap and shower that you use every day?

We dare to bet, there are some bathroom products, you can’t leave them all day!  

Yes, it’s a bathroom tap and shower!

Although it is a product that we use every day, few people remember to maintain it. Most of the time, we will walk away directly after using it. Actually, it is not a difficult thing to do tap and shower maintenance, please follow up as below:

1. Please ask a professional man to do the installation

Above all, when installing bathroom taps and bathroom showers, please ask qualified professional personnel to undertake the installation.  Before installation, pay attention to cleaning the debris in the pipeline; In the installation process, taps should not knock against hard things, do not remain any dirty things on the surface including cement, glue and other things, so as not to damage the surface coating luster. 

shower mixer installation and maintenance

2. Don’t turn the faucet on or off vigorously

It is common that, many people used to make great efforts to close the faucet deliberately, which is very undesirable.  

Even for the traditional faucet, if you take a lot of strength to screw, it not only will not prevent leakage but will cause damage to the sealing valve, so the correct way is only gently turned.  

LINLI faucet uses a good quality cartridge, the lifetime is up to half-million times, for example, if there are 6 people in a family: half million / {(6 people) × (1 day 30 times) ×365} ≥8 years, that is, about 8 years lifetime.


3. Good habits make faucet as good as new

After using the bathroom tap, please develop a good habit of washing it with clean water and drying it with a soft towel.  If the surface dirty accumulates too much, it will not only affect the lifetime of the tap but also affect the appearance.

bath shower mixer maintenance

4. Clean the surface dirt in time

If you find out that your bathroom tap has become so grimy that you can’t completely clean it with water, you need to use something stronger.  

Wipe the faucet surface with a damp cloth or sponge dipped in a little toothpaste, then rinse with water and wipe off the excess water with a dry cloth.  


5. To remove impurities when the flow of water becomes smaller

If it is found that the flow of water is reduced, it may be blocked inside the tap. Please remove the aerator to clean the dirt.


tap areator


These are the ways how to maintain the faucets and showers!

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